Flexographic printing / rubber rollers using the high-pressure laser process

LASER engraving in a wide variety of rubber compounds and silicones (Rubber rollers)

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Manufacture of flexo rollers / flexo cylinders and glue rollers

The production of flexo rollers, also known as flexo cylinders is an important process in the printing industry. These rollers are used in various printing processes.

Flexo rollers are cylindrical tools that consist of a core material coated with a special polymer coating. This rubber coating makes it possible to pick up ink or color and transfer it evenly onto the material to be printed. The production of flexo cylinders requires a precise engraving technique (laser production and letterpress printing) in which the desired pattern or design is engraved into the surface of the cylinder. This process enables high resolution and precision when printing images, text, structures or logos.

When using print sleeves, the engraving is transferred to a rubberized GRP sleeve (glass fibre reinforced plastic), which is then applied to the carrier cylinder using air pressure. GRP sleeves offer numerous advantages in flexographic printing. They are lightweight yet robust and offer a high level of stability during the printing process. In addition, they enable precise transfer of the engraved pattern and offer a long service life and short set-up times.

Glue rollers, on the other hand, are used to apply ink to the material to be printed using the traditional letterpress process ("stamping" process ). The use of many different colors produces particularly beautiful results and a slightly three-dimensional look. Today, the rollers consist of a carrier cylinder with a special plastic coating to ensure even distribution of the ink. Glue printing rollers are also produced using an engraving laser to achieve the desired depth with high precision.

Both processes use high-quality polymers that have been specially developed for the printing process. These polymers offer high durability and resistance to the inks, coatings, cleaning agents or adhesives used. They enable a long service life for the rollers and high print quality. We maintain good contacts with a wide range of coating specialists who work with us to find the best possible solution for our customers' needs in order to provide you with a product that is outstanding in terms of efficiency and technology.