Rotary printing screens

Elastic screens for printing highly viscous colours, adhesives and pastes (used in the wallpaper and textile industry)

LASER-controlled lacquer stencil engraving

Customised special coatings (lacquer)

LASER engravings customised to mesh sizes

Ringing service for ready-to-use finished screens

Engraving rotary screens / screen printing

The engraving of rotary screen printing stencils plays a decisive role in the production of high-quality printing results with high application volumes and precision. It enables printing with very high-viscosity materials. In screen printing, the ink or a paste is pressed through the perforated body of the stencil from the inside outwards onto the material to be printed.

Screen printing is a very versatile printing process that is used in various industries, such as the textile and wallpaper industry, the ceramics and electronics industry and poster advertising. It enables printing on different materials such as paper, fabric, glass, wood or metal.

There are different types of screens that are used depending on the application and printing requirements. An important key figure for screens is the mesh size or "mesh count", which indicates how many openings there are per inch. The higher the mesh count, the finer the stencil and the more detailed images or text can be printed. Lower mesh numbers are used for coarser prints, usually with a higher order volume.